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Co-Directed by Skyler Dahan and Those Folks' Richard Massie in collaboration with AGOLDE. 03/02/2017

AGOLDE Presents: Warm Brew’s new video, “I Swear”

Warm Brew, hip hop trio made up of Manu Li, Serk Spliff, and Ray Wright from LA’s west side, partner with AGOLDE to produce the official video for their single, “I Swear” featuring Compton rapper Buddy.

As Spliff explains it, “This song to me is a reminder of the steady crescendo our lives have been on since deciding to bet it all and make Warm Brew. We’ve been through the ups and downs but regardless of what was happening outside the studio, music was always a place we could continue to grow as people and artists. The song is a good time, to be played loudly always and in any setting…”

Turn it up, and enjoy.