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Text by Stephanie Janssen . Photography by Rafael Pulido. 08/02/2017

Meet the Model: Matthew Davidson

Name: Matthew Davidson

Age: 26

Where are you from?

I grew up in Brooklyn until I was about ten years old, then Daytona Beach, Florida for a little bit, and now I’m back in Brooklyn.

What’s the best thing to do in Brooklyn?

I’m actually kind of a homebody.

So if someone’s in Brooklyn, they should go to your house?

Yeah. Absolutely, and I’ll make them food. My dad’s from Guiana, so I can make West Indian food like jerk chicken, cooked vegetables…

Were you born in Guiana?

I was born in SoHo. My dad moved here when he was 21. There’s French Guiana, there’s English, and there’s Suriname. My family’s from the English part. I’m a first generation American. I learned how to cook our traditional food because you got to keep tradition going, you know?

100%. Aside from the cooking, are there other important traditions or values you hold onto from Guiana?

I think a good parent instills that in you. My parents definitely encouraged me to pursue modeling. They didn’t have it easy, you know, so they encouraged me to take the opportunity. They always tell me to work hard and save money. They keep me really grounded. I could shoot whatever, be touring across the world but they’ll still be like cracking jokes or whatever, you know?

So how’d you get into modeling?

I got scouted when I was 23 or 24 while working in a restaurant bartending. I’d been scouted a couple times before prior to that, but I paid attention finally because I was tired of working in a restaurant and the guy was persistent.

And how do you like working in fashion?

I like the travel, being around creativity, and I like photography–it’s nice to see the end result after a shoot.

What’s one of the coolest, craziest moments you’ve had in the fashion world?

I would probably say the first runway show I did. I guess you’re never really ready but there was no like walkthrough, and I like showed up and it was for Richard Chai. I walked out, I’m naturally kind of shy, and I was just like damn, this shit is crazy.

How do you keep a straight face when you walk the runway?

I’m fucking nervous! It’s easy. I don’t smile. I think about what I’m going to eat after, I just really take myself out of it, you know?

You’re constantly putting on different clothes, being exposed to different trends and looks through your work—how have you figured out your own style?

It’s inspiring when you work with like good stylists, and you see how they piece stuff together, you know? It definitely rubs off onto my everyday wear. When it comes down to it, I’ll probably wear something like designer that I’ll spend a little money on but then cut it with something like not expensive and like practical, you know like Vans because I like to skate. I try to have style, but not like a fashion guy in like head to toe of a certain brand.

You’ve tried on just about every jean from the latest AGOLDE collection, which ones were your favorite pair?

Yeah, definitely. I like all of the dark colored skinny jeans I wore and there was a couple hoodies I want.

Do you have any hobbies?

Photography is a hobby. I normally carry a point-and-shoot camera with me and take photos of everything–interesting looking people, architecture—makes you take the time to appreciate the work people put into different things around you.

Is that something you want to transition to from modeling?

I’ll definitely stick with modeling as long as I continue getting booked. I’d love to get into shooting video where like some fashion is included but it’s not the main focus…There’s script, there’s dialogue, there’s you know, basically I’d love to make movies. Oh and score them too. That’d be tight.

Do you make music too?

I play piano and bass guitar. My older brothers rap, they’re heavy into music, and that kind of rubbed off on me. I gravitated toward making beats since I play instruments… 

What are your beats like?

Really just like a fusion of different things I like—R&B, soul, hip hop… I really like like Quincy Jones and guys from his time. This era is kind of hard because there’s just so much now with everyone being able to stream music.

Can we listen?

It’s just made for me for now, I guess, I haven’t put anything up yet. I’ll keep you guys posted.