London Youth (on Brexit)

With Brexit defining last year in the U.K., a group of young people from a range of disciplines reflect on the prospects of a post-Brexit Britain.


“I want to connect people and let them know they’re not the only ones going through shit. And that they can get through it.”

Nigel Sylvester - Eighty-Nine Magazine

“I’m not going against the grain just to be different. I’m going against the grain because that’s what feels natural and right to me.”

Jodie Regan - Eighty-Nine Magazine

One of just a handful of successful female music managers in the business, Jodie Regan got into management for all the right reasons—she loves music and the people who play it.


When photographer Michael Muller learned just how destructive mankind’s relationship is with sharks, he thought to himself, ‘I’ve helped sell billions of dollars of movies, Nikes, and Range Rovers. Maybe I can help sell this animal in a different way.’


One of the biggest names in graffiti shares the story of how he went from a 13-year-old boy eager to prove himself to reinventing his creative style in his 30s as a fine artist.


For Miya Folick, the dream of a young girl picking up a guitar, strumming in her bedroom, and landing on stage in front of screaming fans is finally coming together.