“I was always making little movies and short films, but I never imagined I’d end up making things that people actually watch.” Director Titanic Sinclair discusses internet stardom and refusing to limit himself with a job title.


“I have a well-known mom, I’ve been modeling, and I’m a girl. That’s already three things I’m very aware I’ll be judged for, so it’s really a personal choice for me to let go of that and to let go of being self-conscious.” Artist and model Tali Lennox talks carving her own path.


Lola Kirke isn’t one to shy from what she believes in—whether that be performing with an open heart in hopes that she might ignite a spark in someone watching or shirking Hollywood norms on the red carpet. She’s an artist through and through, and as she puts it, “It’s life-affirming when you are inspired, and I guess who am I to dare to try to inspire anyone, but I’m going to try, because why not?”


Matt DiGiacomo was always a doodler, “I always had teachers who told me to stop; I was constantly drawing on the corners of my papers.” Those doodles have since developed and turned into a serious career at rock ’n’ roll brand Chrome Hearts.


When Genieve Figgis joined Twitter from her home in Ireland in 2010, she could not have known how dramatically it would change her career trajectory. Unwittingly, she followed a New York artist by the name of Richard Prince. “I was only new to Twitter. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for,” Figgis recalls. “No idea who my audience […]


Hidden behind an unassuming roll-down industrial door, on a tree-lined Brooklyn side street, is a treasure trove. It’s not a pot of gold, but for those who obsess over New York’s cultural history and the development of the city’s hip-hop scene in the 1980s, it might as well be. There, artist Eric Haze owns a […]


Rising art star Jeanette Hayes has been gaining momentum over the past few years, thanks to a number of big breaks.


When photographer Michael Muller learned just how destructive mankind’s relationship is with sharks, he thought to himself, ‘I’ve helped sell billions of dollars of movies, Nikes, and Range Rovers. Maybe I can help sell this animal in a different way.’


One of the biggest names in graffiti shares the story of how he went from a 13-year-old boy eager to prove himself to reinventing his creative style in his 30s as a fine artist.