The producer behind BØRNS’ 2015 album, Dopamine, and this year’s Blue Madonna talks the creative balancing act of second albums, and why he doesn’t miss his on-stage days.


“I never had a specific moment of epiphany, like, ‘I’m gonna become a professional musician!’” Kris Pooley shares his unconventional path to becoming a music director and composer.


“What I really love is seeing non-dancers, like actors or musicians, move naturally in a live performance. Live, David Bowie had movements that weren’t necessarily choreographed; he was just so in his element, in his own world. When people like that perform and the music just takes over their bodies . . . it’s a beautiful thing to watch.” Choreographer Matthew Peacock shares his unconventional path from starting dance lessons as a teen to performing with Cirque du Soleil and Madonna.


Meet R.LUM.R, the R&B singer whose serendipitous journey began with guitar lessons in high school and has since led him to over 15 million streams on Spotify. As he puts it, “If you work really hard and if you’re lucky, you can break through.”


“I was always making little movies and short films, but I never imagined I’d end up making things that people actually watch.” Director Titanic Sinclair discusses internet stardom and refusing to limit himself with a job title.


Singer songwriter CYN talks failed American Idol auditions, back-up plans, and how the internet has made her dreams come true.


Introducing the Shop Girl series, where we sit down with the people behind your favorite shops to talk style, life and denim. First up: Chelsea Moylan, owner and buyer of San Francisco’s ultra-cool ANOMIE boutique.


“I have a well-known mom, I’ve been modeling, and I’m a girl. That’s already three things I’m very aware I’ll be judged for, so it’s really a personal choice for me to let go of that and to let go of being self-conscious.” Artist and model Tali Lennox talks carving her own path.


“Fashion and food are my kryptonite.” Chef, model and author of “The Naked Diet” Tess Ward shares her love of inspiring others with clean eating for EIGHTY-NINE.


Lola Kirke isn’t one to shy from what she believes in—whether that be performing with an open heart in hopes that she might ignite a spark in someone watching or shirking Hollywood norms on the red carpet. She’s an artist through and through, and as she puts it, “It’s life-affirming when you are inspired, and I guess who am I to dare to try to inspire anyone, but I’m going to try, because why not?”