Meet R.LUM.R, the R&B singer whose serendipitous journey began with guitar lessons in high school and has since led him to over 15 million streams on Spotify. As he puts it, “If you work really hard and if you’re lucky, you can break through.”


“I always knew I wanted to entertain in some type of way, and rap is what really stuck with me.” For Kodie Shane, she believes her career chose her and in the latest issue of EIGHTY-NINE, the Atlanta Rapper talks fame, style and the importance of being relatable.


Australian psych-rock band Pond has been making music together for nine years—the secret to their success? “We really enjoy each other’s company and creativity. We help each other break down preconceptions about what sounds good.”


“Tour in a big bus, play Madison Square Garden… and go triple platinum! Then we can finally make one of those docudramas about fighting and throwing things at each other.” L.A.-based rock band Starcrawler has big dreams for the future.


Multi-instrumentalist and composer Terrace Marin talks growing up in Los Angeles in the ‘90s to making his way as one of today’s most relevant producers—you know, the one behind Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly and DAMN?


At 19-years-old, Beyoncé’s creative director tapped JaQuel Knight to choreograph ‘Single Ladies’—the opportunity of a lifetime, especially for someone trying out for a backup dancer gig. 10 years later, Knight is still working with Queen Bey, and sits down with us to share his story.


The LA-based alt-rock, all-female band has been playing together since 2004–they’ve crushed enough live shows, and slept in enough tour buses to fill a dozen rock memoirs. And thankfully, they’re still at it.


With his old-school-meets-new-school sound, Jacob Banks is filling the much-needed role of blues singer for our generation.


“There were times I would feel super tested… But music was always something I was really good at and loved, something that I could do that would impact other people’s lives.”


A true creative polymath—Jesse Jo Stark has seamlessly interplayed between the worlds of fashion and music, with the success of someone far beyond her 26 years. We get the in’s and out’s on her latest adventures opening for Guns N’ Roses and working with The Sex Pistol’s Steve Jones.