At 19-years-old, Beyoncé’s creative director tapped JaQuel Knight to choreograph ‘Single Ladies’—the opportunity of a lifetime, especially for someone trying out for a backup dancer gig. 10 years later, Knight is still working with Queen Bey, and sits down with us to share his story.


The LA-based alt-rock, all-female band has been playing together since 2004–they’ve crushed enough live shows, and slept in enough tour buses to fill a dozen rock memoirs. And thankfully, they’re still at it.


Julien Ehrlich and Max Kakacek were totally broke when they started making music together as “Whitney”—nowadays they’re doing interviews with Elton John and playing Coachella.


With his old-school-meets-new-school sound, Jacob Banks is filling the much-needed role of blues singer for our generation.


“There were times I would feel super tested… But music was always something I was really good at and loved, something that I could do that would impact other people’s lives.”


A true creative polymath—Jesse Jo Stark has seamlessly interplayed between the worlds of fashion and music, with the success of someone far beyond her 26 years. We get the in’s and out’s on her latest adventures opening for Guns N’ Roses and working with The Sex Pistol’s Steve Jones.


After years of refining her sound and taking in some advice from mentor Kanye West, Kacy Hill is ready to take on the world. We catch her just as her debut album drops to gain insight into the mind of an artist who is about to become very famous.


The pair of Atlanta natives—aka Boothlord and Louie Duffelbags—met in junior high and have been making music together since.


“I was a bricklayer, a chef, a landscaper, a stonemason… all of it built character.” Cameron Avery never doubted that eventually he’d make a career as a musician. As Tame Impala’s touring bassist ventures out on a solo career, we sit down with him to hear how he’s making it.

Benny Cassette

In 2013, Cassette got the call that changed everything: Kanye West, inviting him out to Paris. “I played him what I was working on and he asked me to stay in Paris and work with him on what became Yeezus,” and he’s been on quite the adventure ever since.